American Cultural Studies

American Cultural Studies

American Cultural Studies offers you an innovative look at how culture creates and transforms individual experiences, everyday life, social relations and power. You’ll probe issues such as race and ethnicity, educational influences, social and cultural theory, socio-economic class and how these factors have influenced various identities in American society.

About Our Program

The American experience is complex. In a society of diverse people, varied geography, and myriad cultural traditions, it can often be difficult to understand how and why the United States has arrived in the position it occupies today – a civilization of great abundance but abiding poverty, of inclusive governing principles but ongoing bigotry, of global leadership but continual geopolitical tension.

The American Cultural Studies program is designed to help you understand the past and present of the American experience through a range of lenses – fine arts and literature; history and politics; philosophy and sociology. Above all, the program will give you the skills necessary to find and critically analyze information about American culture, the theoretical tools to take a sophisticated approach to a range of research source materials, and the training necessary to become a clear thinker and effective communicator.

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Degree Offerings

Humanities Department

Bachelor of Arts Degree, B.A.

American Cultural Studies

Program Faculty

Kirstin James-Dunn

Kirstin James-Dunn

Adjunct Professor

Jame Mary

Mary James

Associate Dean College of Arts and Science

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Ann Olson


loren schmit

Loren Schmidt

Chair, Department of Languages & Literature

Blake Slonecker

Blake Slonecker

Associate Professor of History

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Greg Sutterlict

Dir, Center for Language Revitalization & Preserv

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Steven Trotter

Adjunct Professor, Humanities

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Winona Wynn

Mellon & Leadership Alliance Coordinator