American Indian Studies

American Indian Studies

Native Americans had a significant influence on the way we live today. Explore indigenous narratives, heritage, history and how American Indians have affected virtually every aspect of our culture, including language, government, literature, recreation, medicine, hygiene, and food.

About Our Program

The American Indian Studies program promotes an interdisciplinary understanding of the Native American experience by facilitating student encounters with a range of historical, literary, artistic, linguistic, and political perspectives on the Native American past and present.

Indigenous ways of knowing, postcolonial approaches to cultural criticism, and global understandings of native lifeways all prepare American Indian Studies majors to enter their professional lives with a sophisticated and culturally-rich understanding of the diverse worldviews of Native people in North America.

In addition, the AIS program promotes an awareness of common themes and distinctive features of indigenous peoples from around the globe and emphasizes that a nuanced understanding of tribal sovereignty is essential to understanding the past, present, and future of American Indian life.

What Could You Do?

Tribal Administration
Cultural Resource Management
Nonprofit Management

Degree Offerings

Humanities Department

Bachelor of Arts Degree, B.A.
American Indian Studies

Associate of Arts Degree, A.A.
American Indian Studies

Program Faculty

Jame Mary

Mary James

Associate Dean College of Arts and Science

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Ann Olson


Blake Slonecker

Blake Slonecker

Associate Professor of History

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Greg Sutterlict

Dir, Center for Language Revitalization & Preserv

Steven Trotter

Steven Trotter

Adjunct Professor, Humanities

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Winona Wynn

Mellon & Leadership Alliance Coordinator