Alumni Legacy Walk

The Alumni Legacy Walk is made up of individual bricks each engraved with the name of an alum along with his or her major and graduation year. Your brick will be placed in a collection of those bearing the names of other graduates from your class. Bricks will be installed twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Summer, so that the walkway can continue to grow over the years.

Your donation to the Heritage University Scholarship fund of just $45 will secure your spot on the legacy walk. You can also have a souvenir brick delivered to you for an additional $25 donation. Your gift is tax deductible, and all proceeds will be directed to the Heritage University Scholarship Fund.

Join the Walk!

To reserve your space on the walk, please use the online order form below.

Your 4 x 8-inch brick will be engraved with three lines of copy, 20 characters per line (the space between words count as a character). Anyone can make a donation and reserve a brick, but only the names of alumni can be inscribed.

Orders received prior to 8/31/17 are now installed in the walkway. Those received after this date will be included in the spring 2018 order and will be installed in the summer.