Master of Science in Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant Educational Program

In today’s ever-changing healthcare system, our graduates have the skills and knowledge to establish themselves as innovative leaders in the delivery of healthcare. We provide a learning environment that supports your desire to advance your critical thinking and practical communication skills on your journey to life-long professional development.


ARC-PA has accepted the voluntary withdrawal of the Heritage University PA Program from the ARC-PA accreditation process.  Effective May 31, 2021, ARC-PA shall withdraw accreditation from the Heritage University PA Program.  Subject to fulfillment of all requirements imposed by the ARC-PA, the Heritage University PA Program will remain accredited on probation through May 31, 2021.  The Heritage University PA Program will not accept any new students for enrollment.  Specific questions regarding the Heritage University PA Program and its plans should be directed to the Program Director and/or Dr. Andrew Sund, President.

For any student who entered the program in May 2019, the program has been granted permission to teach that cohort of students under the accreditation of ARC-PA until May 31, 2021.

For students who entered the program in May 2020 or thereafter, Heritage University will use its best efforts to assist students with transfer into another accredited PA program. It shall continue those efforts until all such students have transferred into another program. For students who remain in the program after the end of ARC-PA accreditation and who were not placed with other programs, Heritage University will teach out those students according to the requirements of Northwest Commission on College and Universities.  However, those students will not be graduating from an accredited PA program.

To verify a student completed our PA Program or for a job reference, please contact Dr Linda Dale.

About Our Program

Our 24-month program of study results in a Master of Science in Physician Assistant (MSPA). Following Heritage’s tradition of small class sizes and experienced faculty, our PA program faculty to student ratio is approximately 1:8.

Classes for the first 12 months of the PA program are held on the Toppenish campus. The curriculum is an organ/system-based concept with basic sciences and clinical preparatory sciences coordinated in each module. Our program has an emphasis in health promotion, disease prevention, cultural sensitivity, ethics and professionalism. During the second 12 months, students are placed in family medicine clinics which are based in rural and underserved communities. In order to provide continuity, the student will remain in the family medicine clinic for two to three days per week while rotating through various medical specialties. Sites are primarily in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska. 

Degree Offerings

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Master of Science in Physician Assistant Degree, M.S.P.A.
Physician Assistant

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Jillian Calhoun

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Joel Thome

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