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How is a quarter class converted to a semester?

Take the 5 quarter credit divide by 1.5 = 3.33

Convert quarter credits to semester credits: Divide quarter credits by 1.5.
Examples: 3 quarter credits ÷ 1.5 = 2 semester credits
5 quarter credits ÷ 1.5 = 3.3 semester credits
180 quarter credits are equal to 120 semester credits (180 ÷ 1.5 = 120)

Convert semester credits to quarter credits: Multiply semester credits by 1.5.
Examples: 2 semester credits x 1.5 = 3 quarter credits
3 semester credits x 1.5 = 4.5 quarter credits
60 semester credits equal 90 quarter credits (60 x 1.5 = 90)

Three academic quarters equal two academic semesters. This 3 to 2 ratio can also be expressed as 1.5 = 1, giving us the formulas for conversion listed above.

Are human science courses accepted for prerequisites?

Central Washington – EMS 443 Cardiology, EMS 450 Human Anatomy Cadaver Lab, EMS 441 Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology courses are acceptable.

More courses will be listed for other disciplines as needed.

Is CASPA not allowing foreign transcripts to be uploaded?

Candidates can order WES transcript directly through the actual application as they are completing it.
No other service currently being allowed to upload into CASPA. The evaluation service needs to send the documents directly to CASPA by following the instructions below:

Are patient care hours accepted if you are a student and working as a paid position with other students?

We are unable to accept hours as a student.

Are repeated classes accepted and how is the GPA calculated?

Yes, we will accept the repeated class provided the grade is B or higher.  The GPA will be an average calculation.

How can I submit an additional Letter of Recommendation through CASPA?

CASPA requires 3 letter of recommendation, but allows up to 5. Simply click on “Evaluations”, below click on “Evaluations Request” for any additional.

Is a 4 credit science course with lab through an Oregon program acceptable?

The transcript will need to be evaluated through the registrar’s office to compare the equivalency of the course to our science course.

We do required 5 quarter credits to be an acceptable prerequisite.

Can microbiology be substituted for a different course?

We require the microbiology course as a pre-requisite to the program. No substitutes for the class will be accepted.

Does Heritage University conduct campus tours?

Yes, the tour needs to be arranged in advance to accommodate campus schedule. Bring a list of questions to be asked and be prepared to meet with faculty and staff.

Drop in visits are not prohibited, but discouraged due to time constraints.

Can two prerequisite courses be from the same course?

Mixing and matching is fine or utilizing two courses from chemistry or biology.  The requirement is two human oriented sciences such as inorganic, organic, physical, biological, genetics, parasitology, or virology.

Is there a difference between a Certified Medical Assistant and Registered Medical Assistant?

Heritage University Physician Assistant Program will accept both positions. The job description showing more direct hands on patient care and the function of the position is more important.

What is the quickest way to work in the medical field?

Earning a Nursing Assistant Certification (NAC) is offered at local community colleges and takes six months to complete. Some nursing homes offer the same type of training. Completion timeframe may vary.

-Yakima Valley Community College offers an NAC program
-Or check your local retirement homes

What online colleges accept credit from the RN program at YVC?

Grand Canyon University, Western Governors University, and Rio Salada will each review your transcript and transfer credits according to their policy.

What type of science class is acceptable?

Only human science courses will be accepted. Unacceptable courses refer to plants, astronomy, or geology.

Does Heritage University participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program through the GI Bill?

Yes, for further information please contact the Financial Aid Department.

How is GPA calculated at Heritage? Will the committee only look at the last class that was taken or will they take the average of two of the same class?

We look at the last time the class was taken. So if they had a 2.0 GPA in their A&P ten years ago but they retook it 2 years ago and got a 3.5, the 3.5 is what we are interested in.

How many letters of reference need to be from a PA provider?

Two different PA references is suggested, but one at a minimum. The third letter of reference must be from a physician who is familiar with your work.

What is an acceptable date for a letter of reference?

Reference letters should be dated within 1 year of application submission.

Is the GRE required for admission?


Which local colleges/universities offer the microbiology classes that are accepted by the HU PA Program?

Heritage University, Yakima Valley College, and Central Washington University courses are all acceptable.

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