Tuition and Financial Aid

Estimated Expenses

Fees Didactic Year

Class 2022 


Clinical Year

Class 2022



Class 2022

Tuition* $42,394/yr. $42,394/yr. $84,788
Application Fee $95 N/A $95
Malpractice Insurance $110 $110 $220
Background check,
Urine Analysis,
$150 $68 $218
Books $2,295 $327 $2,622
Medical Equipment $1,100 N/A $1,100
Computer / Software Allowance $1,035 $285 $1,320
Room & Board $12,794 Amount may vary Amount may vary
Transportation $2,956 Amount may vary Amount may vary
Miscellaneous $3,588 N/A $3,588

*$500 of the tuition is an initial non-refundable fee required immediately upon receipt of acceptance notification.

**Students may request a 3 month payment plan.


The tuition and fees are subject to change annually.   The Heritage University Board of Directors reserves the right to change the schedule of tuition and fees without advance notice, to make such changes applicable to current as well as future students, and to establish additional fees or charges for special services whenever, in their opinion, such actions are deemed advisable.

Health Maintenance:

Physician Assistant students must present proof of personal health insurance at registration and maintain personal health insurance throughout the educational program. The student is solely responsible for his/her medical bills. The University assumes no responsibility to seek reductions or waivers.

Laptop/Internet Access/Cell Phone:

The IT department is able to assist student with technical issues on Windows PC only. Free wi-fi access is available on-campus.

Employment (ARC-PA Standard A3.04, A3.05, A3.06)

The curriculum content and time required for completion of the physician assistant education training is such that any outside employment by the student is strongly discouraged.   PA students will not be required to work for the program or substitute for or function as instructional faculty. During clinical experiences, PA students must not be used to substitute for clinical or administrative staff.

Tuition and Fees Refunds (ARC-PA Standard A3.14g)

All requests for withdrawals must be made on an official add/drop form or online for refunds to be granted. Submittal must be made to the Registrar’s Office by the appropriate day and approved before refund requests are granted. The tuition and fees refund shall be prorated as per PA program policy:


Students must return all PA program materials upon notification of withdrawal.

Student Withdraws  Refund
 Prior to 10% of the total contact hours of the course  100%
 Prior to 20% of the total contact hours of the course  50%
 Prior to 25% of the total contact hours of the course  25%
 After 25% of the total contact hours of the course  0%

Refunds will be available to the student approximately four weeks after an official withdrawal form is submitted to and approved by the Registrar’s Office. An additional two weeks are required to process refund requests made by mail. Debts owed to the university must be paid in full before any tuition refund is issued. These debts include, but are not limited to, payments owed to the bookstore, and tuition and fees. Students on financial aid shall be accorded prorated refunds, per U.S. Department of Education regulations. All inquiries concerning the above policies should be directed to the Office of the Registrar. No course, clerkship, or rotation will be credited toward promotion, graduation, or subsequent credit if a student has not paid the required tuition and fees, including any additional tuition incurred by repeating any portion of the regular program.

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