Parking Permits


Staff/Faculty permits are required in staff reserved areas before 5:00 p.m.  Proper disabled placards or permits are required in disabled parking areas.  Students are required to have permits to park on university property.  Heritage University has created a one way parking lot for your safety and yellow arrows mark the flow of traffic.  STOP signs have been posted, so please make complete stops.  There is a designated crosswalk for pedestrians.  There are no U turns allowed in the cross walk.  The posted speed limit for Heritage University Toppenish campus is 5 mph.  Failure to follow the above stated campus traffic regulations will regulations will result in a traffic violation notice.

You can get your permit and ID badge free of charge at the cottage located at the southwest area of the campus.  If you are a staff/faculty member and have the old permits you can simply reuse them.  All permits need to be displayed properly.  Attached is a vehicle registration form that you will need to fill out to receive your permit.  Please complete, print and bring in do not email.

Parking Violations

1st Warning
2nd  – $5.00 fine
3rd – $10.00 fine
4th – Vehicle will be towed from campus

Traffic Violations

Failure to stop at a stop sign 1st Warning – 2nd and thereafter – $10 fine
Wrong way in a one way  1st Warning – 2nd and thereafter – $10 fine
U Turns in a cross walk  1st Warning – 2nd and thereafter – $10 fine


Please feel free to call Heritage University campus security at (509) 865-8555.

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Campus Security
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