The Heritage University Institutional Review Board is responsible for the review of all human subject research conducted at or by the Toppenish Campus and all regional campuses. The IRB seeks to create a collaborative relationship with the research community to assure that research with human subjects is conducted in accordance with legal requirements and ethical principles of Respect for Persons, Beneficence and Justice. These principles require the balancing of risks to subjects against the scientific knowledge to be gained and the potential benefits to subjects and society. The IRB also focuses on the informed consent process to assure that subject participation in research is voluntary.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

The full board of the IRB committee meets every third Wednesday of the month, between 10:30 a.m. -11:20 a.m.

Time for Application Processing

Within seven (7) Heritage University business days of submitting your application to the IRB administrator, you will receive written notification (e.g., e-mail or regular mail) from the administrator confirming that your study submission is:

  1. Submitted to the IRB Chair for review as indicated on your application as an exempt or expedited study; and/or,
  2. Submitted to the IRB Chair for review at the next available IRB meeting; or,
  3. Missing information necessary to complete the administrative review.
  4. Requiring prior review/approval by the Yakama Nation Tribal Council Subcommittee on Education or other Tribal authority prior to IRB review.

Once all the materials are received and the administrative review is complete, the study application and supporting documentation will be submitted to the IRB chair. You will then receive notification from the IRB Chair within fifteen (15) business days, notifying you of one of the following determinations regarding your application:

  1. It is missing information to complete the IRB review; clarifications on research methods are needed.
  2. It requires prior review/approval by the Yakama Nation Tribal Council Subcommittee on Education or other Tribal authority prior to IRB review.
  3. The determination of not “human subjects research” or declaration of “exempt” research has been made.
    1. In which case, you may proceed to conduct your research without further IRB oversight.
    2. Note: If there are any changes or deviations to your research protocol, these must be submitted to the IRB for review.
  4. It was reviewed via the expedited review process with the following action/determination:
  5. It has been added to the next available IRB meeting (no sooner than within 7 days) for discussion/review on this date: _______________.  The Chair may request your attendance at this meeting.  Then, within 5 business days of the meeting, you will receive notification from the IRB chair or administrator the following action/determination:

Note: It is unlawful to conduct human subject research until you have received an approval letter or declaration of exempt by the IRB.  Please click here for the current Academic Calendar to calculate “Business Days.”

Training Requirements

Below are the instructions to log onto CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) for human subjects research training.

Go to and register:

  1. Click on “Register Here” next to New Users.
  2. Under Select Your Institution or Organization, click on “Heritage University” under the Participating Institutions scroll bar.
  3. Fill out the remaining information below (username, password, security question, e-mail); no CME/CEU credits; answering the professional certification study guide question and course survey is optional
  4. Select “Research Investigators: Choose this group to satisfy CITI training requirements for Investigators and staff involved primarily in research with human subjects. “as your classification.
  5. Select “Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) for Social and Behavioral Research.”
  6. At the Main Menu, under My Courses should be Social and Behavioral Research Members – Basic/Refresher, Basic Course. Click on “Enter” under Status to get started.
  7. Complete all the required courses to achieve certification

Contact Us

Winona Wynn, PhD
IRB Chair

(509) 367-3041 cell

Jerrilyn Stevens
Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs 

IRB Office Location:
Heritage University
Petrie Hall, Office 1133


Amendment Form

Consent Form Template

Continuation of Research (IRB-2)

Reviewer Checklist*
*Researchers may find this IRB reviewer checklist useful to review before submitting their IRB application and other documentation.

Committee Members

Winona Wynn, PhD
Non-Scientific Member, Chair
(509) 952-0245 cell

Dr. Tony Stephas
Scientific Member

Dr. Maxine Janis
Scientific Member
(360) 513-2808 cell

Daniel Liestman
Non-Scientific Member
(253) 632-5657 cell

Dr. Yusuf Incetas
Non-Scientific Member
(270) 640-6570 cell

Elese Washines
Non-Scientific, Community Member

Dr. Daniel Mick
Scientific Member, Alternate
(503) 954-6699 cell

Elizabeth Torres
Non-Scientific, Community Member Alternate