Studying pre-engineering prepares you to make significant contributions to society. Why? Because if you’re an engineer at heart, you’re an innovator who excels at understanding how advanced mathematics, engineering sciences, and engineering practices impact economic, social, ethical and environmental issues. No wonder engineers are always in demand.

About Our Program

Our Pre-Engineering program trains students looking to become certified engineers and prepares them for successful transfer to a four-year program at any Washington university. Thanks to our partnership with Washington State University Tri-Cities, you’ll also enjoy guaranteed acceptance to their school of engineering to complete your bachelor’s degree — no additional transfer applications are needed!

The program lets you specialize in one of three engineering disciplines: mechanical, civil and electrical. It includes engineering or science-related job experience that you can apply as work credit toward your Heritage AA degree. This real-world experience lets you build industry connections that can enhance your opportunities for employment after graduation.

Our Pre-Engineering program uses curriculum that has been co-developed by top professors and staff at both Heritage University and Washington State University (WSU). Students get as much math as if they were pursuing a degree in physics, chemistry or mathematics, giving them tremendous credentials for a variety of programs later. You’ll be well-prepared to take the Engineer-in-Training exam prior to graduating at WSU.

WSU’s engineering disciplines are widely recognized by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET); thus, any student who attends and graduates from both schools will be well-positioned to gain employment with large companies that require degrees from ABET-accredited institution.

What Could You Do?

Mechanical Engineer
Civil Engineer
Electrical Engineer

Degree Offerings

Associate of Arts, A.A.

Program Faculty

Faculty/Staff Headshot

Richard Swearingen

Chair, Department Math & Computer Science