Eagle Giving Day


One Day! One Goal!

Thanks to the support of many, we exceeded our one day fundraising goal!

It’s not too late- you can still make a gift and join in on this momentous day!

I give because I know the importance of having a scholarship!

I give because I was given!

Heritage has amazing students that will be supporting & giving back to our community someday!

Heritage students deserve the chance to do good and great things!

As an employee of Heritage, I am fortunate to see the incredible things our students accomplish on a daily basis.


given toward our $10,000 goal

Give back and change the world.

For most students, scholarship support is the difference maker in terms of being able to go to college or not.

Every dollar raised goes directly to students and you can choose to have your gift allocated to those who are studying in your program of choice. Social workers can give to social work majors, teachers can give to education majors, nurses can give to nursing majors, and so on. Or you can direct your gift to the area of greatest need by selecting our Heritage Fund.

It’s not about the amount you give. Together, we have strength in numbers. Small gifts make a big difference when we all pull together!


Download (right click to save) these images for social media and encourage others to participate in #EagleGivingDay!