Heritage University and Yakima Chief Hops to celebrate graduates of CHIEF ACADEMY management training program for front-line employees


Heritage University and Yakima Chief Hops to celebrate graduates of CHIEF ACADEMY management training program for front-line employees


Yakima, Wash. – Heritage University and Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) will celebrate the entire cohort of employees completing CHIEF ACADEMY, a management training program for YCH management team and front-line staff on Friday, August 13, 2021. YCH partnered with Heritage@Work, the university’s workforce training and development division to deliver the program that, when completed, earned full-time employees a Management Training certificate of completion. With four cohorts of employees receiving the training, a total of 73 YCH employees have now completed the courses and have the training, knowledge and tools to enhance their skills as managers and leaders within the company.

Heritage University faculty (full and part-time) and experts assigned by Heritage taught the workshops at the company’s headquarters in Yakima, Wash over the past year. Ryan Hopkins, chief executive officer at YCH, considers the curriculum developed by himself, Chief Human Resources Officer Lisa Garcia and Heritage University to be high-quality training that benefits both employees and the company. “CHIEF ACADEMY is an ongoing investment into the people at YCH which will help grow the company and our community due to the increased skills of its employees,” said Hopkins. “This investment will empower our employees and create opportunities for their ongoing growth and success.”

CHIEF ACADEMY at YCH consisted of courses that covered five essential topics determined to be of high importance to the company. They included:

  1. Business Communication – a business writing and communication workshop which offered tips on improving existing skills as well as preparing participants for public speaking.
  2. Human Resources – a highly-interactive workshop covering the important basics of human resources with role-playing activities.
  3. Data Science – a workshop that helps those in company leadership roles understand the importance of data analytics by identifying, interpreting and summarizing data.
  4. Business Finance – a workshop to help employees understand financial drivers and strategic objectives and realize the connection between strategy and financial success.
  5. Leadership – a workshop where employees learn the attributes of a leader, the difference between management skills and leadership skills, and what it means to be a leader at YCH.

John Reeves, director of Heritage @ Work, says Yakima Chief Hops has been a tremendous partner in establishing the university’s workforce training and development division to benefit companies like YCH. “We are excited for all the YCH employees who have completed the courses, and what this will help them achieve in their professional careers.”

The ceremony celebrating the CHIEF ACADEMY graduates will be held August 13, 2021 in Smith Family Hall, located in the Arts and Sciences Center on the Heritage University campus beginning at 2:00 p.m.

For more information and to coordinate interviews, please contact David Wise, VP of Advancement and Marketing at Heritage University at (414) 788-0686 or wise_d@heritage.edu or Yakima Chief Hops Global Communications Manager Cait Schut at (916) 690-4379 or cait.schut@yakimachief.com.


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