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Kirstin James-Dunn

Kirstin James-Dunn

Assistant Professor

Literature & Languages

Simkins (Alder) Building

Phone: (509) 865-8625

Ext: 2105



Dr. Kirstin James-Dunn is a member of the Lumbee Nation of North Carolina and has been a part of the Heritage University community since 1996. While at Heritage, she has taught courses in computer science, research methods, logic and critical reasoning, philosophy, sociology, political science, journalism, world literature and college composition. Kirstin was Heritage Honors Program Seminar Coordinator from 2007 to 2010. She returns to Heritage after successful graduate studies in Great Britain, where she completed an MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies at the University of Manchester and a PhD in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. While at Manchester, Kirstin’s research applied Marc Auge’s concept of ‘non-places’ to railway stations as spaces for exhibition design. At Leicester, her research focused upon Indigenous Research Methodology in museum praxis. She worked primarily with the British Museum in London and the Pitt Rivers Museum at Oxford as curatorial contexts for her study. Also while at Leicester, Kirstin was a tutor to the MA program, was a system administrator (for her department’s virtual campus), coordinated conferences, curated the departmental collections and guided graduate seminars. Apart from her professional interests, Kirstin’s current social commitments include being a board member of Ellensburg Community Radio (ECR), where her husband, Paulos, produces a weekly radio show, ‘Bloke’s Teatime’. The show primarily features British musical artists (with occasional ‘interventions’ of big band, classic jazz , blues and swing-era music).