Reflection by Heritage University President Andrew Sund

Reflection by Heritage University President Andrew Sund

Dear Heritage Community:

These past few days have been days of deep reflection for me. The brutal death of George Floyd, the subsequent demonstrations, and the violence around them have changed our nation in ways we are not fully prepared to understand.

The United States promises a society of opportunity and equity for all. We have always known that this promise is incomplete. Yet, since last week we have seen this incompleteness explode before our eyes. We have seen how there is no one United States, but many. Far too many of our citizens live in a United States of inequity and fear. The opportunities that many take for granted are completely absent for others. The agencies  that lead many to feel safe are forces of fear and violence for others.

These past few days I have also been reflecting about my own life. Am I doing enough to confront injustice and build a better society?  I hope that in these times we all ask ourselves similar questions.

This is perhaps an incomplete answer but I do believe in Heritage University. I do believe in our mission and that through a strong education we can make a difference in our world. Our graduates and our students represent the best of the United States and help us get closer to its promise.

However, I am deeply aware that Heritage is also imperfect. Our society still suffers from multiple forms of racism, overt and subtle, and Heritage University is not immune to this. Many times we fall into traps that lead, inadvertently, to unfairness.

My commitment is that as a University will work every day to overcome our own limitations and every day get closer to the promise of the United States.


Andrew C. Sund, Ph.D.