If you enjoy math, your career opportunities are not only numerous; they’re also reasonably lucrative. But, of course, it’s not all about the money. You probably thrive on solving problems and are eager to make sense of the most advanced equations. There is virtually no career that wouldn’t suit a math major who can think independently, creatively and critically.

About Our Program

Our Mathematics program at Heritage offers a personalized environment and focuses on techniques for exploring and communicating quantitative and spatial relationships. Blending traditional and technology-based skills, you’ll gain a broad understanding of mathematical concepts numerically, symbolically, algorithmically and graphically. You will benefit from faculty interaction and guidance, with plenty of one-on-one attention, to help you progress smoothly and form a clear path to your future.

Those who pursue undergraduate degrees in mathematics can go on to careers in business, law, medicine or other professional fields. It is common for businesses to recruit mathematics majors because of their analytical and problem-solving skills. Additionally, many mathematics majors pursue advanced degrees in such fields as mathematics, mathematics education, statistics, operations research, computer science and the sciences. This program emphasizes applied mathematics for students in the education program, as well as those in the physical and social sciences.

What Could You Do?

K-12 & College Teaching & Research
Actuarial Science
Computer Science
Operations Research
Mathematical Modeling

Degree Offerings

Mathematics Department

Bachelor of Arts Degree, B.A.
Mathematics Education (5-12 Credential)

Associate of Arts Degree, A.A.
Interdisciplinary Studies in Mathematics

Program Faculty

Aaron Etherington

Aaron Etherington

Assistant Coordinator Tutor Trainer

Wendy Huylar

Wendy Huylar


Faculty/Staff Headshot

Karita Maltos

Director of ASC

Mary Schott

Mary Judith Schott

Adjunct Faculty

Faculty/Staff Headshot

Richard Swearingen

Chair, Department Math & Computer Science

Tsiligardis John

John (Ioannis) Tsiligkaridis