Computer Basics

To become acquainted with your computer there are certain basic skills to be mastered.  While these skills might seem obvious at first, the fact is that many people never take the time to learn these very important basics.  By learning them now, you will both save time later and also improve your daily computer productivity.  The following videos and tools provide the foundations of computing.


What’s a window?  How do I move my screens around or toggle between tasks?
Basic PC Skills- Minimizing and Maximizing a Window

File Management

When you save a file where does it go?  Save and organize your documents into folders so you can find them later.
Windows 8 tutorial: Organizing folders and files |

Copy and Paste

Learn how to select and copy words and/or numbers on your computer (documents and the internet) and paste them into email or other documents without typing!  You may know how to do this but this video demonstrates the short cuts.
Tutorial: Copy and Paste

Related: Take a screenshot (a picture) of your screen on any computer or device:
How do I take a screenshot?

Basic Computer Terms

Learn the “geek speak”:
Basic PC Skills

Related: Enter computer terms on Webopedia for a definition:

Internet 101

Learn what it means to get online, find stuff and share.
Internet 101

“Save” These Pages
To save or bookmark any page so you can easily go back to it next time you open your browser, while viewing the page press Ctrl + Shift + D on Windows/PC or Command + Shift +D on Mac.

Related: Check this video which demonstrates one way of adding a bookmark in Google Chrome:
How to Bookmark a Page on Google Chrome : Internet Help & Basics

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