Comarca Research Alliance Meeting

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Comarca Research Alliance Meeting

June 8-11, 2019
San Félix, Chiriquí Province, Panama

Sponsored by the Center for Indigenous Health, Culture & the Environment (CIHCE) at Heritage University, USA and the Centre for Indigenous Conservation and Development Alternatives(CICADA) at McGill University, Canada


Here we are proposing a meeting to gather interested parties who are working or have an interest in working collaboratively with colleagues in the Ngäbe Bugle comarca. There are growing number of groups and projects, but often without coordination or even knowledge of prior or ongoing work. Here we hope to facilitate a meeting for all to learn about each other and consider future directions together.

Themes of Meeting:

  1. Sustainable Agriculture
  2. Community-Based Environmental Monitoring & Stewardship
  3. Ordenamiento Territorial


Click to download agenda. This will be updated as we get closer to the meeting date, but the overall structure is set.

  • Saturday, June 8 (Group Presentations)
  • Sunday, June 9 (Field Trips to Visit Project Sites in Comarca)
  • Monday, June 10 (Theme Discussions)
  • Tuesday, June 11 (David, Panama, Grant/Funding Discussions)

Accommodation and Meals During Meeting:

Dormitory style accommodation and meals are available at La Fundación Nuestra Señora del Camino. We are happy to provide support for accommodation and meals during the conference for those who need it. Please indicate below if you will need financial assistance.


  • Monday through Friday:
    Bunk in Dormitory: $10, Breakfast: $4, Lunch: $5, Dinner: $5
  • Saturday:
    Bunk in Dormitory: $12, Breakfast: $4, Lunch: $5, Dinner: $5
  • Sunday:
    Bunk in Dormitory: $12, Breakfast: $6, Lunch: $7, Dinner: $7

We will make all arrangements with the Fundación for our stay. Please indicate which days you will be attending and which nights you will need accommodation so we can plan accordingly.

For those who do not need support, payment can be made directly to the Fundación​ upon arrival. Their contact information is:

Rosa Moreno Directora Administrativa del Proyecto
Telefax 727-0677
Celular 507 6234-1477 / 6350-4172

Dietary Requirements or Restrictions:

Please let us know if you have specific needs for the meals, any allergies, likes, or dislikes

Alternative Accommodation:

There are alternative hotels in the area if participants would prefer something different to the Fundación. One is near the hospital in San Félix ($20-25/night), and there are others in the Las Lajas area. We will leave it to participants to make these arrangements yourselves. Please feel free to contact Jessica Black if you would like more information about alternative accommodation: ​We do request that participants come to the Fundación to share all meals together as a group.

Getting around in San Félix:

There are many taxis that regularly go up and down the main road. They are inexpensive and easy to use.

Getting to San Félix:

Travelling to La Fundación Nuestra Señora del Camino in San Félix, Chiriqui, Panama:

From Panama City:

Buses leave from the Albrook Bus Station every hour on the hour. You will be headed to the las cruces de San Félix. Get a taxi to take you into San Félix and to the Fundación.

Driving – head up the Panamerican Highway until you find the turn off to San Félix.

Go up the only main road until you reach the Fundación on the left.

If you are flying to David, rent a car or take a bus. 

For those international travelers, please contact Jessica Black for assistance with travel arrangements:


Please register for each day of the conference and also indicate if you will be staying on site.