Work Study

Work Study

Our Heritage work-study programs provide jobs for students who need financial assistance and can earn money during the school year while learning lifelong job skills. Positions may be available in most offices on campus, so you could work in a setting that best fits your area of personal and academic interests!

The Financial Aid office has an online job board and initiates contracts for work-study placements. Your wage will depend on the job and certain qualifications, and you may work a maximum of 19 hours a week and could earn $3,000 or more per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in order to be awarded work-study. Stop by the financial aid office and pick up a work study application, monitor the online job board and indicate your interest in the available position of choice.

The FAFSA is the blanket application for all federal financial aid. You can complete the FAFSA at After completing the FAFSA you will receive a student award letter from the Heritage University Financial Aid Office notifying you of your award status. If you are awarded work-study, it will be included in the award information.

No, work study funds are on a first come, first served basis.

Yes, all work-study awards must be accepted on your Heritage University Student Award Letter.

Your work-study award will represent the amount of money you can earn through a job. In order to earn this award, you must be employed in a work-study position.

Each work study position has a wage attached to it. Work-study positions are paid hourly and will pay no lower than minimum wage, but the amount may be higher depending on employer, type of work, and skills required.

You will be paid through the University payroll system according to the pay rate and number of hours you work. Hourly wage positions will pay every two weeks.

Your wages will be drawn from your work study award. You can continue to work until your award is exhausted.

The University approved work study off campus employer will pay you directly and the University will reimburse your employer. Reimbursement ends when you reach your work study award limit.

You should keep a record of the hours that you work and the dollar amount you have earned so that you will not earn over your award. Your work-study supervisor should track the dollar amount you have earned as well.

The job board for on/off-campus jobs is located in the work-study office through the financial aid department – Student Services building. You may search for jobs on the student employment page on MyHeritage. After reading descriptions and requirements for open jobs, request an interview. You will also need to prepare a resume prior to your interview in addition to submitting a work study job application.

You will interview with the employer as you would for a normal job. If hired, the employer will complete your enrollment paperwork.

Jobs are available both on and off campus. Employers for off campus jobs are nonprofit, profit organizations or public and private agencies.

Most off campus jobs are with organizations or agencies that are nonprofit and service the community at large.

You will be able to start work at the beginning of each semester, as long as the necessary employment paperwork and contract has been completed and you are registered for the current semester. You will need to be in good academic standing to remain eligible You will be working with the department for which you find employment to complete the required paperwork.

One of the most important reasons is this: the salary you earn through work-study will not be counted as a resource when calculating your financial aid for the next school year. The salary you earn through a normal job will be counted as an additional resource and could lower your financial aid the following year.

Work-study employers know that you’re a student first and will work around your class schedule. Many work-study positions, especially those in the community service work-study program, make excellent additions to your resume.

Please contact the office of financial aid at financial or call the financial aid office at (509) 865-8502.

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