Online Degrees

Our Online Programs

Heritage proudly offers complete online degree programs that provide the same academic excellence as our traditional on-campus options. With course material available 24/7, you can study at your own pace at times that work best for you. We make it convenient for classes to work within your work schedule and family life. Plus, you’ll avoid travel time to and from campus. Email or call 509.865.8500 for more information!

Online vs. Asynchronous

Most of the online classes Heritage offers are synchronous, meaning you will be meeting with your instructor and other students on Zoom at the same time every week. However, some classes are asynchronous, meaning you don’t meet with your instructor and other students and you work through the course content on your own. You still have access to your instructor, typically by appointment or office hours online. There are still due dates for assignments in asynchronous courses, but you can move faster through a class if you choose.

Online Readiness Self-Assessment

Is taking an asynchronous online class a good fit for you? Asynchronous online learning requires different skills than learning in a traditional face-to-face or in-real-time on Zoom class. It’s important to know what you’re getting into and to understand the kind of commitment that’s necessary for success. You can get a good idea of your readiness for asynchronous online learning by filling out the following assessment.

Please discuss the results of this self-assessment with your advisor prior to registering for asynchronous online courses.