You’re invited to join our team — we’re open to all majors!

The Heritage University Enactus team serves as an agent for change in an area known for economic and educational deprivation. Our mission is to create an everlasting impact by building on existing projects, leveraging resources, strengthening existing partnerships and developing new ones to bring the free enterprise system to our community in a full-functioning, comprehensive way that embraces each and every one of our inhabitants.

To join the team, you must continue to be engaged with current events. Participation is not mandatory, but in order to participate on future travel trips each member must complete certain amount of hours to be eligible.  Each member must record their volunteer hours and attend at least 2 (two) meetings per month.  These hours can include helping on and off campus events.

  • First, contact Enactus via email: Enactus@heritage.edu, phone number: (509) 865-8608 OR you can stop by Dioselina Verduzco’s office, Arts and Science Building room 2332.
  • ATTEND BI-WEEKLY MEETINGS. The announcements are posted on the Heritage University monitors and we also provide information through our Enactus Heritage University Facebook.

To learn more, please contact:

Advisor: Dioselina Verduzco
(509) 865-0419
Arts and Science Building