You’re invited to join our team — we’re open to all majors!

The Heritage University Enactus team serves as an agent for change in an area known for economic and educational deprivation. Our mission is to create an everlasting impact by building on existing projects, leveraging resources, strengthening existing partnerships and developing new ones to bring the free enterprise system to our community in a full-functioning, comprehensive way that embraces each and every one of our inhabitants.

To join the team, you must continue to be engaged with current events. Participation is not mandatory, but in order to participate on future travel trips each member must complete certain amount of hours to be eligible.  Each member must record their volunteer hours and attend at least 2 (two) meetings per month.  These hours can include helping on and off campus events.

  • First, contact Enactus via email: Enactus@heritage.edu, phone number: (509) 865-8608 OR you can stop by Dioselina Verduzco’s office, Arts and Science Building room 2332.
  • ATTEND BI-WEEKLY MEETINGS. The announcements are posted on the Heritage University monitors and we also provide information through our Enactus Heritage University Facebook.

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2022-23 OFFICERS

  • Andrea Ceja – President
  • Vanessa Estrada – Director of Projects
  • Manuel Carbajal- Team Secretary
  • Isaiah Cisneros- Camp S.E.E.D Director
  • Abby Bravo- Director of Social Media


Proyecto Noel

The main purpose of Proyecto Noel is to improve the social, economic, and environmental conditions of the impoverished community of Guinea Grass, Belize. Through this project, we helped a local family develop their own construction materials by reducing, recycling, and reuse-transforming harmful waste into Eco Blocks while simultaneously cleaning up local areas of waste.

Camp S.E.E.D.

CAMP SEED stands for social, economic, and environmental development. Hosting a two-week summer camp for middle school students focused on teaching responsibility, accountability, and positive behavioral habits aimed at boosting their performance at an early age, in a non-judgmental educational setting. These workshops help address the resounding needs in our community concerning financial literacy and high school dropout rates.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Our project inspires up to 120 high school and college students to continue learning and growing to make sound decisions to secure their economic future. We’ve invited four different guest speakers to present the tools and skills needed to have professional success through online videos. Following the workshop, 5 students are given the opportunity to gain a scholarship through an application and completion of two surveys.

Pantry of Hope

Through this project, we created Financial Literacy videos with useful and applicable knowledge for local low-income families. Up to 56 families participated and completed our survey to receive ($50) gift cards that they could use towards groceries.

Video of previous years on how Pantry of Hope was done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFMApQtlz8c

Women Rise Up

Supporting and assisting up to 20 women’s ability to succeed and advance economically leads to healthy and productive households and the well-being of communities. Promoting self-empowerment and enhanced economic impact through a proprietary curriculum focused on money management, credit, and debt management during monthly classes and one-to-one mentorship. This project enables women to enhance and develop their quality of life through opportunities for educational and economic transformation.


In partnership with the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program, we offer one of three free tax preparation sites in Yakima County and are in fact the only site with bilingual IRS Certified Volunteer counselors


Team Benefits:

  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Learn to present in front of big crowds
  • Free travel
  • Learn about other projects around the world
  • Build connections and grow your network

Want to learn more about how to join? Be on the lookout for our posts on social media and our emails!

Contact Us

(509) 865-8608

Advisor: Dioselina Verduzco
(509) 865-0419
Arts and Science Building

Advisor: Vicky Swank
Associate Professor, Business
(509) 961-5338