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Welcome to Heritage University Department of Nursing!

If you have a passion for nurturing the health of the people in your community, then a career in nursing may be right for you! Start your career with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Heritage.

There’s no better way to learn than by doing, and our nursing students get plenty of hands-on learning. Nurses work in highly complex situations where anything can happen. That’s why you start nursing coursework as a freshman and begin taking care of patients during your second year.

At Heritage, you will experience patient care across multiple spectrums — from pediatrics and geriatrics, to emergency care and community health. Plus, you’ll work with some of the leading healthcare providers in our region, such as Seattle Children’s Hospital, Yakima Health District, Yakama Indian Health services and Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital Maternity Care. And with Heritage’s emphasis on whole-family and community nursing, you will graduate ready to build healthier communities and to provide comprehensive patient care for the entire family.

With our Nursing Program, you will graduate with three years of work experience in patient care. Our rigorous curriculum, experienced faculty and state-of- the-art nursing center will equip you to step into a nursing position right after graduation or continue your education in a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) or PhD Nurse scientist program.

Our Mission & Vision


The BSN program mission is to advance the health of multicultural families and communities in rural environments through excellence in nursing education, service, practice and community-based research.  The Heritage University Department of Nursing embraces the three key values of the University: “Honoring each person’s human dignity and potential; seeking intellectual growth and challenges; and celebrating the shared spiritual roots of all humankind.” The Nursing Department also endorses the core values of caring, connectivity, autonomy, integrity and social justice.


Preparing highly qualified nurse leaders to serve multicultural populations.

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