Immunization & Screening Instructions for BSN Students

During your program, you will be in close contact with patients who are ill. You may be at high risk for certain infections, and if you become ill, you will risk transmitting infections to vulnerable populations.

For your safety and the safety of your patients, our clinical training site affiliation agreements require that you complete and document immunizations, including annual influenza vaccine; as well as initial and annual testing for tuberculosis, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for Health Care Personnel.

Complete the following steps to meet the immunization and TB screening requirements:

  1. Carefully and completely read the Immunization Form. It has details about all of the required immunization for BSN students, along with acceptable documentation.
  2. Carefully and completely read the TB Screening Form. This form includes the details about the initial and annual TB screening requirements. Follow the designated timeline.
  3. Carefully and completely read the Influenza Letter. This form includes the details about the initial and annual TB screening requirements. Follow the designated timeline.
  4. Gather your immunization records. These records may be from multiple sources, such as childhood records and employee health summaries. If your immunization records are at a clinic or other health care facility, obtain a copy of those records.
  5. Make an appointment with a health care provider. This could be your primary care provider, an employee health nurse at your place of employment or another health care provider. You will need a provider to review and verify your records and sign the required forms. Make a scanned copy of the documents you receive from the provider.
  6. Scan and send via email the completed forms and required documentation to the Department of Nursing. The nursing director and administrative coordinator will send an email reply after documents are reviewed to advise whether they are complete or whether we need further information.
  7. Make sure we receive all required documentation by the annual date announced by the Department of Nursing. You will receive the annual date in an official email.
  8. If your Hepatitis B series or titer is “in process,” go ahead and submit your documentation, and send additional information as you progress in the series. Keep a copy of each item for your personal records. NOTE: You’ll need a minimum of three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine, plus a quantitative titer. The CDC recommends that nursing students complete their three-dose series prior to contact with patients or body fluids. This means you should start meeting the requirement as soon as possible after admission to the BSN program.