Adjunct Onboarding

In preparation of your employee orientation, the Chair of the Department will assign you to an Administrative Assistant in your College/Department, which will assist you with your orientation and new hire paperwork.

List of contacts:

College of Arts & Science
Dioselina Verduzco, Operations Assistant to the Provost/Enactus Director 509-865-0419
Terri Slack, Administrative Coordinator 509-865-0543
Jami Hanks, Administrative Assistant/Chalk & Wire Specialist 509-865-0404

Physician Assistant Program
Maria Sanchez, Administrative & Admissions Coordinator 509-865-0733

Nursing Program
Teresa Munguia, Administrative Coordinator 509-865-8551

Master and Medical Science MAMS
Michelle Alegria, Program Assistant 509-865-8652

College of Education
Raquel Vijarro, Office Assistant 509-865-8650

List of New Hire Packet

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